Little Bee Eletric Scooters

Why walk when you can ride?

                         Welcome to " Little Bee " Scooters

 The " Little Bee " Personal Electric Transporter.

A clean, cost effective way to travel. Carries up to 300 lbs.

Ride up to 25 miles on a Single Charge, for Pennies a Day.

This powerfull little scooter weights just 92 lbs. It is street legal in most residential neighborhoods and can be ridden anywhere you ** normally walk. Examples: Inside stores and shopping malls, on sidewalks, bike paths, RV Parks, Flea Markets, Car Shows and other events where it is being used as a personal mobility transportation assistive device.

( **Be sure and check with your local authorities before using it in certain areas as local ordinances may vary)  

It's easy to load and unload in your RV, SUV, VAN, or TRUCK 

Take it anywhere you need personal mobility assistance!

 Personal Electric Transportation

"It's Clean, It's Affordable, It just makes good sense."

     The " Little Bee " Transporter is the perfect solution for anyone who needs mobility assistance. It offers many advantages over other transporters on the market such as the Segway, or other scooters that are bulky, heavy, and costly to buy and maintain. 

    It costs less, goes further and faster on a single charge, it's easier to load and unload for transporting in your vehicle, and is easy to ride.

    This front wheel drive scooter is powered by a brushless 350 watt motor.  It has air filled tires both front and rear. You can ride this transporter either standing or sitting, it will go most anywhere you would normally walk. It features a zero turning radius, locking hand brake, keyed switch, two speed settings, and optional  cargo wagon which comes in really handy for those short trips to the corner market. (Why pay high gas prices when you can just hop on your " Little Bee " instead.)

     Great for use on Camping trips, getting around in RV Parks, Walking paths, shopping at the mall, Car Shows, or most anywhere you would like to go but have trouble walking. The range on a single charge is between 15 to 25 miles depending on the load and type of terain. Once you try it you will want one for both you and your partner. The scooter can be easily loaded and carried in your Van, Truck, RV, or SUV. It can also be transported on a Cargo luggage carrier, which will fit any car or truck with a hitch on it and can be purchased at most hardware outlets. Just ask anyone who owns a " Little Bee " and see what they think of it. You can buy cheaper scooters, but they will not compare to the quality, performance, and service we offer you at " Little Bee ". "You really do get what you pay for!

If you want more information on current pricing, or have questions Please contact us at:

 " Little Bee " at:  or call us at: 336-618-9326

8 Mayfair Rd  -  Lexington, NC 27292

Also be sure and ask about renting a " Little Bee "  

This a great way to try it out before you decide to purchase one. We offer our scooters at rental rates of Daily, Weekly,  Monthly rates are available upon request.

If you are planning a trip or vacation and have trouble walking long distances or standing for extended periods of time then a rental is a great way to experience the " Little Bee" and what it will do for you.

I have owned one of these scooters myself for over five years and will tell you from personal experience that I will not even consider traveling anywhere without it. They are also very durable and dependable. After five years of use the only issue I have had with mine is that I finally had to change the batteries last year. They use four 12 volt batteries which can be purchased at most any Batteries Plus store or in many other stores that sell battery operated devices or scooters. We also service what we sell if you have a need for service on your scooter.

"Little Bee" Electric Personal Mobility Aid










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